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How Open AI & Chat GPT are Revolutionizing Sales Strategies in Distribution

Learn how distribution sales teams are using AI technologies such as OpenAI and ChatGPT to increase sales, shorten sales cycles, and improve efficiencies.

Smarter Selling on the Go: Mobile CRM & AI Sales Assistant for Sales Professionals

Discover how our intuitive mobile WPCRM app and AI sales assistant can overcome common barriers to user adoption, empowering your sales professionals to embrace new technologies and enhance their productivity.

From Pipedreams to Profits: Mastering Sales Pipeline Management

Explore the misunderstood yet crucial role of sales pipeline management in driving revenue growth and shortening sales cycles.


WebPresented CRM, WPCRM

Promotional and overview video of WebPresented CRM, or WPCRM, the full-integrated CRM, Quoting, and BI tool for wholesale distributors.

WPCRM Offline Quoting

With the new offline quoting feature for WPCRM, sales reps can use WPCRM to create quotes and take orders on the go- even when they are without internet access.

WPCRM Features

WPCRM offers the tools your team needs and the features your sales reps want- with a full integration to your ERP.

Case Studies


Improved Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

McNaughton-McKay used WPCRM for a more effective SPA renewal process for higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Creating Quotes and Orders Using Mobile Devices

How Sales Reps at Dalco use WPCRM to create quotes and orders from their mobile devices.

Leveraging SX.e Sales Data to Improve Marketing

Discover creative and powerful methods used by GSG to transform their marketing efforts using WPCRM and data from their Business System.