WPCRM - The Full Box CRM for Wholesale Distribution

WPCRM's powerful features are designed to make sure you get the most out of your ERP data.

Work Less. Sell More.


WebPresented provides CRM and BI integration for customers in the wholesale distribution and manufacturing industries. With tight integration to a variety of ERP packages, our CRM solution has a proven track record for empowering manufacturers and distributors.


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WPCRM Mobile App

Software should not dictate how you conduct your day. That's why WPCRM provides the information you need—when you need it. Accessing critical data has never been this easy.

  • Plaimaker | Your AI-Powered Sales Assistant

    Solves one of the biggest challenges for a salesperson; determining what actions to engage in first. Plaimaker analyzes customer data and activity history to provide suggested tasks that drive sales and discover opportunities you're overlooking.
  • Visibility While on the Go

    The same great information that is available on the desktop can also be accessed from any mobile device.
  • Integrations to Stay Connected

    WPCRM functions as a sales hub by staying integrated with the right tools to incorporate your systems into a single platform. Stay connected with your ERP, marketing tools, Outlook, Google Maps, service management, documents, and more.

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Say goodbye to mediocrity

Customers recognize the value of working with WebPresented.
We believe that value shows up in these five areas.

  • Implementation
    Using our vertically integrated CRM, WebPresented leads the industry with a complete, timely and cost-effective approach.
  • ERP Integration
    WPCRM lets you build and send quotes using real-time pricing and availability from your ERP system.
  • Customization
    WPCRM makes it possible to leverage existing BI reports and data sources, or build them from scratch with a flexible dashboard designer.
  • Usability
    Engineered from the ground up with the user in mind, WPCRM is there when you need it—and stays out of the way when you don't.
  • Trust
    Our customers know they can count on us to address their needs. It's the added value we bring to the relationship.
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Improved Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

McNaughton-McKay used WPCRM for a more effective SPA renewal process for higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Leveraging SX.e Sales Data to Improve Marketing

Discover creative and powerful methods used by GSG to transform their marketing efforts using WPCRM and data from their Business System.

Discover the data-driven advantage of WPCRM.

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