WPCRM Marketing Automation

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WPCRM Marketing Automation:
WPCRM's powerful integrated marketing tools make it possible to create effective, targeted marketing campaigns. Marketing campaigns allow you to build segmented lists of complex business data, promote efficiency and help your sales team manage customer expectations.

Third Party Marketing Automation:
WPCRM can also integrate to third-party marketing automation tools so your team can still access the important data of WPCRM and continue to collaborate.

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WPCRM's Marketing Automation 

With WPCRM, easily create good-looking marketing campaigns with the help from customizable templates and editor tools. WPCRM makes it easy to send effective marketing campaigns to keep your customers engaged and satisfied. 

Set up drip campaigns through WPCRM workflow automation to keep customers engaged and in the pipeline.

Continuously improve your marketing efforts with KPI tracking on every marketing campaign. View email open rates, link tracking, opt-outs, and undelivered.

WPCRM Marketing Automation screenshot

WPCRM Marketing Automation screenshot

Build targeted campaigns with segmented contact lists

With WPCRM, build segmented contact lists based off of account, contact, and sales data for targeted marketing campaigns. Reach specific customers with targeted email messages for better engagement and results.

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Integrate to third-party Marketing Automation tools with WPCRM

Take your marketing initiatives to the next level with the integrated power of Marketing Automation softwares like Act-on, Marketo, and other top solutions. Use the power of WPCRM to build segmented contacts lists that can be sent through your marketing automation tool. Keep track of those campaign results right in WPCRM.

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