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WPCRM End User Training Videos

The following videos can be used to support the End User Training given by WPCRM during implementation. The videos are recorded on the WPCRM demo site, so processes and setup may differ from your WPCRM environment. For further questions, please reach out to your system administrator.

Activity Feed

360 degree view of all customers and prospects throughout the whole organization. View emails, notes, tasks, orders, quotes, and marketing campaigns that have been to all account types.


Users can drill down into the sales data by using the Analytics Module. Users will only have access to the Analytics associated with their Customers.


An action and activity focused view of the opportunity module that features drag and drop capabilities. Quickly understand the health of your opportunities for better organization.

Mission Central

Your landing page when you log into the system (Mission Central) is a dashboard designed to provide you actionable data to help you navigate the WPCRM system. Mission Central is broken down by multiple dashboards that display different data for the Sales Rep, Customer and Vendor.

Accounts and Contacts

Accounts and Contacts are synced from your ERP into the WPCRM system nightly. Prospect Accounts can be created directly in WPCRM and later can be merged with an existing Account from the ERP.

Different Ways to Create a Quote

May 15 Training Webinar goes through the different ways to create a quote in the system and shows off some tips and tricks along the way.

Video Suggestions

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WPCRM Quick-Hit Videos

Account Locate Sales Analytic Search| End User Training

Create a saved search within Account Locate based off of customers' sales data.

Using Account Searches for Contact Locate | End User Training

Use an account saved search to search within the contact locate module.

WPCRM Outlook Add-In

How to Install the Outlook Add-in

Walk-through how to download the new Outlook add-in through the quick-add function.

New Features of the Outlook Add-In

The new features that are a part of the new Outlook Add-In.