WPCRM: The CRM Built for Wholesale Distributors

Our easy-to-use Full Box CRM solution taps into the power of your ERP data to drive smarter business decisions.

WebPresented takes customer relationship management to a higher level with business-savvy implementation, deep ERP integration and a trustworthy team of experts. The end result is a proven system specially designed to increase overall efficiency, resulting in success for your business.

Trusted by Wholesale Distributors for Over 12 Years

"The activity of the sales force is more focused, it's more purposed. We're definitely seeing higher conversion rates, we're seeing faster conversion rates."

Executive VP of Graphic Solutions Group

Equip Your Team with the Tools They Need

Account Management

WPCRM is more than just data entry, your team will save time and energy with a one-stop shop for account, contact, and opportunity management with a system that is fully-integrated to your back office solutions.

Real-Time Quoting and Order Entry

Be more reliable and quote from the office or field with WPCRM Quoting. WPCRM is tied directly to your ERP system for real-time pricing and product and availability.

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Actionable Analytics

Remove the guesswork and make more data driven decisions with WPCRM by understanding customer's buying behaviors and habits.

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Marketing Automation

Take your marketing processes to the next level with segmented campaign messages based off of unique criteria like purchasing behavior and sales data.

And Integrate with the Tools They Already Love


Marketing Automation



Google Maps

Field Service Management


Document Management

Plus the Essentials for the Wholesale Distribution Industry


Key Performance Indicators

WPCRM provides the most relevant information to your organization with easy, intuitive navigation through bill-to's, ship-to's, parent customers, pricing agreement notifications, customers in jeopardy, etc.

Real Time Quoting, Pricing, & Order Entry

Our tight integration allows WPCRM to address complex scenarios such as rebate margin, quantity breaks, approved workflows, and management dashboards.

Higher Adoption & Success

WPCRM is an intuitive, clean application designed to provide value every day for the Sales Representatives leading to high user adoption rates.

WPCRM Helps Sales Reps Work Better

Discover Hidden Buying Patterns

Find new opportunities to sell to customers and suggest products based on past purchasing trends and other buying behavior gathered from Actionable Analytics.

Create Quotes and Take Orders from the Field

WPCRM's easy-to-use quote and order-taking features make it easy to save time and take advantage of on-the-spot opportunities.

Increase Team Awareness

Keep the team organized and accountable by planning tasks, managing schedules, and monitoring performance, either from the desktop or from any mobile device.

Coordinate Marketing Efforts

Automate and enrich your customer communications by creating and managing segmented contact lists that can be tracked through the lead lifecycle to fully quantify ROI.

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