WPCRM Workflow Automation

Automate your processes and ensure consistency with workflows that can be used throughout the whole system.

Workflow Automation

Automate your sales repetitive tasks with workflow automation to streamline your processes. With workflows, your reps can focus on the selling and completing actions instead of the admin sales chores. Workflows can be used to send follow-up emails, require your team to add more details to a project, creating appointments, and more.

After creating a new account, a workflow can generate a task to follow-up.

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Set it and let it with automation throughout your processes

WPCRM Actionable Analytics screenshot

  • Create tasks to follow-up a with new customers 1 week after their first order.
  • Automatically send an email to a customer when their AR balance is past due.
  • Set up quick letters in WPCRM to be sent to customers in a click of a button.
  • When a new prospect is identified, have a task automatically generated to call them in 2 days.


Save time and energy with tasks, appointments, emails that are automatically generated after important interactions.

Improve reliability by automatically sending an email when a customer has met triggering criteria.

Maintain consistency with workflows that are set across the organization to ensure each rep follows the same process.

Increase sales potential with automated actions that keep the customer engaged.


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